“The distributor as the right hand of the IT manufacturer.” Experts of the strefainwestorow.pl website about the AB Group’s operations

“The distribution business seems to be extremely simple. It appears that, to be successful, distributors just need to buy products at low prices and sell them at higher ones. However, this is not true. A good distributor is the manufacturer’s right hand, and its effectiveness depends on many nuances that few investors are still aware of. AB Group’s business model is a good example of this.” – This is the beginning of the article, in which experts of the strefainwestorow.pl website look at AB Group’s business model.

From the article, one can learn more about the Group’s operations, as well as what demonstrates its high efficiency and logistical prowess and what makes it a business partner chosen by many companies since more than 30 years ago. 

The experts explain what diversification of a product portfolio means in the case of AB S.A. and present the range of tools and services that the company provides to its customers. We recommend the article to everyone, not just those following AB S.A.’s operations.

The article is the first in a series of publications on the success of AB S.A.’s business.

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