UPSs becoming more and more popular

UPSs are increasingly used in people’s homes and on the SOHO market (small companies running home offices). They allow you to safely tackle short power outage problems, by saving work results to your hard drive and then turning off the computer. Especially during summer, due to the greater demand for electricity, periodical problems with the stability and quality of power occur. Power outages above all, may follow.

Uninterruptible power supplies are primarily used to protect computers or servers. However, UPS also work well in areas such as home monitoring systems, AV or CO furnaces. Increased demand for guaranteed power supply solutions can be noted among customers who decide to buy smart home solutions that are becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

Thus, the scope and number of UPS users is constantly growing, which means that choosing the right solution is crucial. This task will facilitate an interesting ranking „How to buy a UPS. The best uninterruptible power supplies in 2018 'prepared by the editorial office of PC World. Featured UPS devices include the SMX1000I model of the well-known manufacturer APC, which is available in AB S.A. at (