Xiaomi in AB’s offer!

We are very pleased to announce the start of our partnership with the renowned consumer electronics manufacturer Xiaomi! It had to happen eventually. From now on, the manufacturer’s complete portfolio is available at AB.

As part of the long-term agreement, we are becoming a distributor of Xiaomi solutions in Poland, which confirms our company’s position as an industry leader in the CEE region (AB is already a Xiaomi distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia).

“We are pleased to welcome Xiaomi’s full range of products to AB. We believe that the combination of our distribution strength and experience with the functionality and modernity of Xiaomi’s products will yield satisfactory business results,” said Zbigniew Mądry, the COO and Vice President of the AB Group.

Being able to provide the latest and most innovative products straight from Xiaomi is immensely important to us. It is also a source of pride and satisfaction.

We are now offering a wide selection of Xiaomi smartphones that will provide your customers with the highest quality, advanced features, and excellent user experience. But that is not all! We now have available products such as electric scooters, vacuum cleaners, wearables, TVs, small home appliances, and smart home systems. They can help you create a smart environment in your home that adapts to your needs and makes everyday life easier.

For details, see ABOnline at: http://www.ab.pl/r/1668