Zbigniew Mądry in a cover interview for IT Reseller

„The AB Group is in a long-term growth trend – and most importantly – we are growing faster than the market. We are gaining market share by delivering specific added values to both Resellers and Vendors. The success of our operations is based on a combination of several fundamental elements,” says Zbigniew Mądry, COO and Vice President of the AB Group, in the interview.

These elements are: „investments in diversifying our product and service offerings, full visibility of product and customer profitability, efficient financial management, top-tier logistics, and most importantly, long-term, enduring relationships with our business Partners. Operational security and a continuous drive to improve efficiency are ingrained in our DNA. From the very beginning, our priority has always been close and active cooperation with Resellers,” adds Zbigniew Mądry.

We encourage you to read the full interview on the website and in the pages of IT RESELLER magazine.

In the interview, you can learn, among other things:

  • what else constitutes the pillars of the company and AB’s competitive advantages today.
  • how AI is influencing the development of the distributor and the IT market.
  • how many employees have been with AB for more than 20 years.
  • how DaaS is developing today.

We highly recommend it! ➡ http://www.ab.pl/r/1869