Zbigniew Mądry on the growing role of distributors in the CRN Poland debate

“We were the distributor that actually started to distribute Microsoft cloud solutions in Poland (…). In collaboration with Microsoft, we designed our own platform to distribute CS4U cloud solutions, and it works very well. (…). Distributors will have even more to do, because we are the most effective way to reach the market,” said Zbigniew Mądry, the COO and Vice President of the AB Group, who was a special guest at the CRN Poland’s debate titled “The growing role of distributors in the context of new business models.”

The discussion mainly concerned the as-a-service model, as well as the comprehensive services provided by distributors, which allow them to take over the roles of many market players today. There is no doubt that distributors today provide businesses with access to innovative cloud-based solutions and the necessary technical expertise. Their ability to adapt to the growing needs of the market and to support their customers in implementing cloud solutions is invaluable.

The discussion was moderated by Tomasz Gołębiowski, the editor-in-chief of the CRN monthly.We encourage you to read the transcript of the debate! The entire text was published in the latest issue of CRN (6/2023), as well as on the monthly’s website.